Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals


Don’t just wing it.

Business’ need to set clear, pre-established goals for themselves in order to ensure the proper plan is in place to get there. Goal setting is the first way to measure success of your business over a period of time. When you set a goal it increases accountability within your business and becomes easier to hold both yourself, as well as those you lead accountable for reaching your goals. This is especially important when reevaluating your goals in the middle of the year to make sure you are on target. “ When it becomes obvious that goals cannot be reached, don’t change the goal, change the plan.” By having pre-established goals in place and measuring frequently, it will allow you to become more proactive, instead of reactive.

Additionally, remember when setting your business goals that you be as specific as possible. Allowing for vagueness in your plan, allows for vagueness when measuring success. A good example is setting a goal of X percent more revenue than in the year prior.

  • Do you set weekly, monthly and yearly goals?
  • Do you have a way to measure your success?
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Step 1: Make and keep goals!

Start with attainable goals. Look at how your business performed the year prior in the same month, and set that as an expectation. Now, look for a way you can improve. Follow ups, Marketing, and advertising may be the first stepping stone

Step 2. Hold yourself and your team accountable.

Goal setting will allow you to stay on track. When you are certain you will not reach your goals, it is time to look in the mirror and figure out what went wrong, or what could improve. The earlier you can detect the issue, the more likely you will reach your goal!

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