Seasonal Promotions

Seasonal Promotions


aka ‘keep your customers thinking of you all year round’.

In short, season promotions are special deals, prices, or items associated with a certain time of the year. Seasonal promotions are designed to keep your customers wanting more, and keep you top of mind throughout the entire year. By consistently offering [different] promotions, customers will remember you and reach out for your services. Think about all the times you received offers via email, may not have needed them in the moment, but went back into your inbox in search of that company. Customers are going to treat you the same way—they might need an HVAC service in March, but come May and they realize their AC isn’t working, they will scroll through their emails looking for the HVAC company that reminded them in March to get their AC fixed. Seasonal promotions are not limited to Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Seasonal promotions include holidays, annual events (back to school, start of summer break), or non-traditional holidays (National Air Conditioning day is July 17th).

  • Do you currently offer traditional seasonal promotions—spring, summer, fall, and winter??
  • Do you recognize holidays and run promotions for them?
  • Do you have an email list to send promotions?
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Step 1: Think of creative ways to promote the seasons.

Everyone receives emails from Sears that spring is the time to get summer appliances ready, or fall is the time to get winter appliances. To set yourself apart from the rest, think of new and innovative ways to promote your HVAC company, while going with the ‘theme’ of each season.

Step 2. Acknowledge the holidays.

No need to be completely traditional. Recognize holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, or Fourth of July. However, also use creative promotions for the holidays that relate directly to HVAC. National Air Conditioning day is July 17th, National Ice Cream day is the 3rd Sunday of July (which could coincide with National AC day) and could be used to promote refrigeration. Finding new and innovative ways will help promote your business, but will also make you more relatable and likable to your prospective and current clients.

Step 3. If you don’t have an email list, build one.

As mentioned in ‘Email Marketing’, the best way to send your promotions is via email. If you currently have an email list of clients send them special promotions. If you don’t have a list, create one from the emails customers gave you, and use social media to collect new emails. No need to be worried about the time it takes to create these lists and send the emails. There are plenty of automation tools that can be used to do it for you…plus, HVAC Growth is here to help

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