Keep your customers in the loop.

Newsletters and Blog posts can help your HVAC company just as much as advertising can. There are 5 important reasons to keep in mind when considering the pros of a regular blog or newsletter.

A newsletter will help increase awareness to your audience about your company and its services. A potential customer has a limited perspective of your business if they can only make buying decisions based of advertisements and promotional mail. A newsletter will allow them to have some insight into the company they otherwise would not have access to. Next, a regular blog post or newsletter will show expertise in the field. By demonstrating expertise, you will build confidence in your potential customer and establish yourself as an industry leader. A good strategy is to include articles that cover important issues within HVAC services. Third, newsletters are an avenue of promotion. You can use them to promote upcoming specials on services, or products that you feel will provide value to your potential customer. Additionally, regularly publishing a newsletter will help you maintain constant contact with a potential customer, and allow you to stay relevant for the next sales opportunity. Lastly, a blog or newsletter will allow your company to cover a variety of topics over a period of time, to ensure coverage of all types of issues your audience will be interested in, and not limiting the audience any more than you need to!

  • Do you have a newsletter or blog?
  • If so, are updating it consistently?
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Step 1: Make an outline!

When starting your regular blog or newsletter, first start with an outline of topics that you intend to write about or gather interesting content about. This stage is important because you will want to place the content in an order that makes sense to the customer. It will also be vital to automate the newsletter ahead of time on days when you might be too busy to remember to send it!

Step 2. Schedule reminders.

Tools like mailchimp, constant contact, emma, and others provide a feature called ‘automation’. These automations perform actions on their own via a basic set of rules. I.e., 6 months after last contact, send ‘this email’. Follow ups are incredibly useful and automations make them easy too.

Step 3. Stay on top of it!

By consistently uploading new content to your website, and sending out a regular newsletter, you are keeping your site relevant and interesting. This will not only help with Site-wide SEO, but also keep your business on the minds of potential customers, who may not be ready for a service yet.

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