SEO 104

SEO 104


How to dominate your territory

HVAC companies need to optimize their website to be geographically relevant for their target market. Google uses geo-targeting when displaying search results, and how well your website is optimized for that specific location, greatly impacts your ranking. When using geotargeting, a company can choose to target an area as large and broad as a whole country, down to a specified radius around a brick and mortar location of their business. When Google is ranking search results based off location, it relies on data from your website, as well as third party data sources, like directory listings, to have consistent data across all avenues. If this information is not consistent, it will prohibit Google from showing your business on the first page, if at all. One way to take advantage is to have a well-optimized location landing page. A location landing page is a page that will have a unique URL for each location the business has. On this page, it is important to provide services, testimonials, customer reviews, as well as local keywords that will allow Google to decipher its exact location. It is also important to have the landing page be mobile friendly. In August of 2015, Google reduced the number of local listings displayed on local search results from 7, to 3. This increased the importance that your website be optimized completely within your target location in order to collect the most traffic.

  • Do you have your business listed in multiple directories?
  • Do you have separate landing pages for all locations you serve?
  • If so, are you ranked in the top 3 search results for each location?
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Step 1: Directory placement.

Be sure to place your business in as many relevant directories as possible. a Google My Business account is a great start. Directories that are user-friendly, and allow for placement of reviews work in your favor.

Step 2. Create landing pages

Many HVAC companies serve multiple locations. It is important to have a separate location landing page for each specific location. This tells google that you specifically work in this location, and you will rank higher in results!

Step 3. Know where you stand.

For each location you serve, it is important to place on the top 3 for business listings when searching a location. These companies get the bulk of the phone calls from potential customers. SEO is extremely important in this aspect and can make all the difference in the world!

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