Google Analytics

Google Analytics


The data to prove what works and what doesn’t

Do you know if people are visiting your site? Do you know how they found you? Do you know how many people are visiting your site each month? Best bet—your answers are NO. And that’s okay! This is why website owners utilize Google analytics; because unless someone calls you and tells you every time they visit your site, you aren’t going to know.

In simplest terms, Google analytics tracks your website. By monitoring a websites activity, Google can tell users how many visitors a site, how long they stayed on a site, and what they searched to find the site. In addition to monitoring your site, Google analytics is also able to track how successful/the click rate of your ads. All of this information is important to know because in short, just like how we need to know if our furnace is properly functioning, you need to know if your website is properly functioning.

  • Do you regularly monitor the background statistics for your site?
  • Do you know how many people are clicking on your site or ads per month?
  • Do you know the keywords people use to find you?
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Step 1: Check your bank account

Essentially, pay per click ads charge you every time someone clicks on the add. If you aren’t able to utilize google analytics, or don’t understand how to, start by checking your bank account. It will be tedious, but it will show you every time you were charged for someone clicking on your ad.

Step 2. If you don’t want to check your bank statement, use Google analytics.

It’s okay if you feel like you don’t understand. That’s why you have experts to help you. By utilizing google analytics, you will be able to track and monitor everything that is happening on your website including clicks per month, how long someone stayed on the site, and what they searched to find you.

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