Promotions 101

Promotions 101


How to connect with consumers and build your business

Studies show that consumers are more likely to purchase something if it is on sale, even if it still costs more than the other like-options. Customers like to validate ‘big ticket’ purchases by saying “oh…well it was on sale” or “I’m getting a great deal on this furnace!”. Having regular promotions is going to incentivize a customer to purchase your services because they are going to walk away from the transaction feeling like they got a great deal. Running special promotions is going to pique the interest of customers because it shows you are looking for new ad creative ways to bring them in the door…plus, who doesn’t love discounts?

  • Do you offer first time customer discounts?
  • Do you offer seasonal discounts?
  • Do you offer free consultations for new and returning customers?
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Step 1: Create an ad to draw in new customers.

The first time someone needs an HVAC company, they spend hours on the internet searching for the best deal. Having a promotion to draw them in will make a customer more likely to give you a call and inquire about your ad.

Step 2. Having seasonal discounts will make someone a year-round customer.

Homeowners don’t think about a broken A/C until it gets hot out and they discover their A/C is broken. Offering a March discount for an A/C tune up, and an August discount for a heater check is going to keep customers wanting more from your company, as they can always rely on you.

Step 3. Use the free meeting as the opportune moment to upsell more.

A free consultation may feel like a waste of time (and money), because as a company you still have to pay that employee for their time. However if properly trained, in the moment your expert technician can turn that ‘free-consultation’ into a large project depending on what they find.

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