Contact Forms

Contact Forms


Ensure yours are done correctly

It is no secret that as the younger generations move into the world of home ownership, the way an HVAC business advertises should adjust as well. Older generations responded more to print advertising, like yellow pages and mailers. Younger generations are more responsive to digital, especially the use of contact forms. A contact form on your website is a lead generating tool that is an absolute must. Potential customers aside from utilizing your phone number, and address, will want to be able to email your business directly. Whether it is to ask a question in regards to a service or to schedule an estimate, it is becoming increasingly more popular for the new generation of homeowners to want to quickly and conveniently reach out via email for non-emergency services.

When placing contact information on your website, it is suggested to have a separate page designated for a contact form for users to access. However, the footer of each page should contain information such as address and phone number. This allows the user to access the information they need no matter which page they are on. It also allows search engines to readily identify your information, thus clarifying your standing in organic search results.

  • Do you have an easily accessible contact page?
  • Do you have important information on the footer of each page?
  • If so, are you reaching out to customers in a timely manner?
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Step 1: Make a separate Contact Us page!

It has become universally known when looking for a company’s contact information to look for the ” Contact Us” page. If you do not utilize this option, a customer may get tired of trying to find it, thus moving on from your business

Step 2. Contact information on EVERY page.

At the top and bottom of EVERY page of your website, should be your phone number and address. Each page on your website should contain content that will have the customer wanting to call you. Having that information easily available, shortens the process for them, thus creating the beginning to a great customer service experience.

Step 3. Follow Up.

Now that your contact information is so readily available, be sure to follow up with email and phone requests promptly. When a customer reaches out to you, it is likely they reached out to at least one other company as well. Having a process in place to follow up in a timely manner will show the customer you are serious about what you do!

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