SEO 102

SEO 102


And how does it improve your rank?

Content quality, and content relevance are two different things in the eyes of Google rankings. However, both are needed to provide a “rank” for your website. In order to improve the overall rank for your website there has to be balance of both. Recently, studies have shown that content quality is becoming increasingly more important than content relevance. In order to improve the “Quality Rank” of your website, you will need to conduct a content audit. Upon completing this audit you will be able to identify low performing pages within your website. These low performing pages are dragging down the overall quality rank of the site, one way to improve the ranking is to either improve it, or lose it.

A common strategy of removing low performing web pages from the site is referred to as “pruning”. The purpose of pruning a website, or removing the poor performing content, will in turn raise the overall quality rank for the website, thus improving its standings in organic search results. A website that is rich in relevant keywords, but lacks quality content will not rank as well as a website that has a perfect mixture of both. It is important to remember this when performing your content audit.

  • Do you know how your pages are perfoming?
  • Do you have both quality and relevant content?
  • If so, are you updating regularly?
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Step 1: Content audit.

Before making any changes, it is important to know how the website performs. Conduct an audit of our website to see which pages are performing the best and which are performing the worst. This will be crucial when improving your site-wide SEO. The more top performing web pages, the better your overall rank for search results.

Step 2. Content quality and relevancy.

Every page on your website must meet both standards. Be sure to have a page designated for each service, and include as much up to date content as possible, without sacrificing quality.

Step 3. Update regularly.

Be sure to stay up to date with the latest news within your business platform. Customers will be searching for latest trends, products, and services within the HVAC spectrum, and you want your website to produce as much traffic as possible.

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