Define Your Target Audience

Define Your Target Audience


Know the difference between needed and unneeded

There is a huge difference between having a marketing strategy and understanding exactly who your audience is. In fact, you cannot market at all until you properly identify your perfect customer. There are three main ways a business can identify their ideal audience. Geographics, Demographics, and Psychographics.

In the HVAC industry, you will want to put a larger emphasis on geographics and demographics. It would not make sense to market to someone who may be over 50 miles from your location. Once you identify who your audience is then you can begin to come up with a strategy so they can see you, learn about you, begin to trust you as a source, and ultimately purchase your services. A business cannot try to lump in a single marketing message to everyone, you will lose half of your audience simply because it does not apply to them. In turn this will allow you to make smarter investments into your marketing strategy and you will find that you may not need to invest as much to get the results that you desire.

  • Do you know exactly who you are marketing to?
  • Do you have a strategy to ensure the target audience is marketing to?
  • Do you know where your most successful marketing is?
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Step 1: Find your target audience.

Understanding your customer history and who you want to invest in appealing to is the biggest step in making smarter investments. Do not work harder to find your perfect customer, work smarter!

Step 2. Implement your marketing strategy.

Once you know who your audience is, it is time to put it into action. Combining a mixture of Social, and Search engine PPC Ads focused on Demographics and Geographics will return a more narrowed down lead pool, one that will make your day to day easier!

Step 3. Test Results.

It is just as important to track which geographic and demographic audiences have the best return for your business. Tracking results on incoming leads will help you understand where to allocate your advertising budget to focus on more successful areas.

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