Intro to Google Adwords

Intro to Google Adwords


Here’s how to utilize them

With the importance of where your website falls on a search engine results page becoming increasingly popular, Google has its own advertising platform referred to as Google Adwords. Google Adword allows you to place search results for your website on the first search engine results page, by simply paying for them. This is done easily by picking keywords that a searcher might use so your ad will appear on their results page. However, the likelihood of your ad appearing on the results page depends on two different measurable’s. First, each business must bid on the position, essentially, how much they are willing to pay per click. Secondly, Google uses “quality score”, or how relevant your advertisement is to the search term, to determine positioning. Google combines these metrics to determine search result positioning.

It is believed that Google Adwords work in cohesion with a solid SEO strategy to produce maximum results. Bunnyfoot conducted a recent study that showed nearly 40% of searchers were not aware that Google Adword results were indeed advertisements. This resulted in a higher likelihood that these results were clicked on more frequently than organic result pages.

When launching a Google Adword campaign, it is important to understand your audience, and keyword selection to maximize your results.

  • Do you want to pinpoint your ad to a specific target list?
  • Are you tired of not knowing for sure if your Ad is being seen by the right people?
  • If so, are you currently using a Google Adword Campaign?
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Step 1: Find your target.

One of the best features for a Google Adword, is the ability to utilize top Keywords to get your ad exposure with the right audience. The ability to get specific with locations is a great tool for HVAC businesses.

Step 2. Audience control.

Adword campaigns can be tailored for specific services in your area to ensure the correct audience. With this level of control, and analytics tools, you can ensure your ads are hitting their intended targets.

Step 3. Keep it simple.

A lot of HVAC businesses over complicate their campaigns. It is a great way to garner top search results, without having to wait the time it takes for your website to appear at the top naturally. When done right, it puts you in a position to solidify your territory, fast!

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