Web Traffic Converting

Web Traffic Converting


Here’s how to get them, and keep them

Customer engagement strategies play a vital role when it comes to improving brand growth and brand loyalty. When done properly, it encourages customers to interact and share the experiences you offer as a business. There are a variety of ways to improve customer engagement, but the most effective strategies are bringing a “Human Element” to your brand, obsessing over your customers, and using unique content to create value. Humanizing your brand whether it is through social media, or blog content, will allow customers to relate to the brand on a personal level. Businesses that emphasize customer service as a top priority have a higher level of brand loyalty. A study from the White House Office of Consumer Affairs reported that over 80% of people would pay more for a product or service if it ensured a superior customer service experience. Another way to improve engagement is through creating content relevant to your business. In the HVAC industry, how-to videos, and product demonstration videos can go a long way with positioning your business as the go to within your area for HVAC services.

Collecting online traffic to your website is only half the battle. Once a user has landed on your website it has been shown that the average visit lasts under 15 seconds. Capturing customer information at this stage is crucial. A potential customer will want to be able to locate a “contact us” page easily. It w=should also be easily accessible for the customer to have access to all available social media contacts as well. If the customer can locate and utilize the contact page on your website, you have a higher rate of capture. This can be the difference between gaining a life time customer or losing one.

  • Do you have a strong emphasis on customer service?
  • Do you regularly upload unique content?
  • Do you have an easily navigable website and contact page?
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Step 1: Make Customers a priority!

Humanizing your brand, and showcasing actual customer reviews on your website allows potential customers to be able to connect their own personal experiences with those that have already done business with you.

Step 2. Upload new content.

Uploading how-to videos and articles on specific products a customer will be searching for when will not only keep them engaged on your website, but also help with your websites SEO. If you upload a video, make sure YOU are the star! It will help customers picture who will be working on their house, and want to work with you more!

Step 3. Simplify.

Your website has to be easy to interact with. If a potential customer has a difficult time finding the information they are looking for, and most importantly, your contact information. Then they will move on to another company. Above all else, your website is a sales tool. Do not let it be the reason you LOSE money.

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