SEO 101

SEO 101


Why it matters to your HVAC business

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting traffic from the “free”, or organic search results on search engines. Where your company appears on search results impacts the amount of traffic brought to the website greatly. It is estimated that three out of four clicks on Google go to the top 5 results listed. The addition of mobile devices, there has been a significant increase in searches daily. With HVAC companies moving from traditional advertising sources such as the yellow pages, and bringing their effort online, the need for good SEO has never been more important. Consumers are turning to digital searches to help them find the right contractor for the specific job they need. When a HVAC company appears on the first page in a particular search result, the number of organic phone calls increases versus the need for paid sites.

Good SEO is even important for companies that do not have a website. If a company uses a Google My Business account, it is still vital to have a good SEO strategy. This will optimize the position in which the business shows up, when a consumer is searching locally.

  • Does your website appear at the top for relevant search terms?
  • Does your business appear in the top 5 local listings?
  • Is your website mobile friendly?
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Step 1: Research your keywords.

Understanding relevant and top performing keywords for your business is crucial to maximizing results.

Step 2. Optimize your site and content.

Your website should be frequently updated with new relevant content and keywords. This will improve overall ranking and traffic.

Step 3. Get your business on Google Local.

Your business should appear in every local directory, as well as have its own Google Local listing, optimized for your area.

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