Social Media 101

Social Media 101


How up to date is your page?

Everyone is on social media now—homeowners, property groups, and business owners. Social media is how the general public stays connected, how customers leave reviews, and how they can share with their friends the positive HVAC experience they had. Businesses are creating Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to stay in touch with their customers and post advertisements for tune-up services. Plus, it’s a great place for customers to post pictures and leave raving reviews!

  • Do you have a Facebook, Twitter and/or Instagram page?
  • Is it regularly monitored/updated?
  • If you have one, do your customers use it to leave reviews?
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Step 1: If you don’t have it, make it!

If you aren’t already active on social media, create a page to highlight your HVAC business. This will allow customers to follow you, leave reviews, and keep in touch with your business

Step 2. If you have one, keep it updated.

There is nothing worse than a Facebook or Twitter page that isn’t regularly updated. If customers check your site and see you haven’t posted anything in over a year, they may believe your business is closed. Having someone on staff to regularly keep in touch with your customers and update your page will only make your business look stronger.

Step 3. Follow up with people who post on your page.

By following up with customers, it will let them know that you are available and take your business seriously. Having a constant stream of communication will only make a customer trust you more and want to use your business.

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