Retargeting Ads

Retargeting Ads


Subtle advertisements to bring in lost revenue.

Statistically, only 2% of people actually complete an action when they are on a website for the first time. Retargeting ads bring in the other 98%. These ads are designed to bring in the customers that searched for HVAC, viewed your site, then left. After they leave your site, they will be reminded of the service they need for their home, as well as the HVAC company they looked at every time they are on a site powered by Google!


  • Do you feel like users are visiting your website, but never call you?
  • Do you wonder how to bring them back?
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Step 1: Come up with an ad.

There is no point in launching a retargeting ad if there isn’t anything to show consumers. Ads don’t need to be over the top—think of something simple and catchy!

2. Utilize retargeting ads.

Every time someone is on a page powered by Google (most of the internet), that someone will be reminded of the HVAC site they were looking at then left. This in turn will remind them of the hot water heater that is broken and will prompt them to call. By using retargeting ads, you will bring back the customers that viewed your site and left. There is a reason a customer is looking for HVAC services. Don’t allow consumers to forget your brand—remind them every day that you are the best through your ads.

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