Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing


How HVAC Companies can grow through social media.

Whether you like it or not, Facebook holds all of your information. Age, race, gender, current location… you name it, Facebook has it. Fortunately, this can be used to the marketing advantage for direct to consumer ads. If an HVAC company wants to market directly to people aged 35-55 Facebook will do that. If you are looking to grow into the next county over, Facebook can send ads directly to people who are located in that town.

Think about all of the times you were online shopping, left the page without purchasing anything, then checked your Facebook to immediately see an ad for that very same item. That is a Facebook retargeting ad– and its useful! Imagine how many calls you would get if every time someone checked their Facebook they were reminded of their broken furnace. A lot, right?


  • Do you have a Facebook page for your business?
  • Do you try to market to new customers through social media?
  • Do you have a way to recapture lost customers?
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Step 1: Create a Facebook business page.

Even if the ad is designed for your company website, users on Facebook are still going to look you up. You need to have something to show them, right? Create a Facebook page users can check out. Make it catchy, highlight projects and employees, but most importantly– make it personable.

Step 2. Take advantage of the information Facebook stores.

Create ads that are designed for specific people and places. You will guarantee the ads are ending up in the hands (eyes) of the right people. The less specific the ad, the harder it will be to target your audience.

Step 3. Code in the cookies to make retargeting possible.

That part sounds a built technical…but it works! Only 2% of internet users actually do something the first time they are on a site. Use these 3 simple steps to bring back the other 98%… Step 1: Customer views your website. Step 2: Customer leaves your website. Step 3: Customer checks their Facebook. If you don’t have someone on staff who can do it for you, ask one of the experts to help!

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