Email Marketing

Email Marketing


Here’s how to keep your company ahead of the others

If people aren’t reminded, how will they remember to get an AC unity tune up? Or have their boiler checked for cracks? HVAC services aren’t at the top of mind for the general public until something needs to be fixed, but having email reminders go out to your customers will keep you in mind when the time comes.

  • Do you have an up to date email list?
  • Do you send tune up reminders to your customers?
  • If you do, are these systems automated?
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Step 1: Create an email list from your regular customers!

Send these customers seasonal reminders of the household items that should be looked at. If needed, offer a promotional special to get you in the door. By keeping these customers happy all yearthey will turn to you whenever something drastic happens

Step 2. Collect new emails.

Have a subscribe option on your website so customers can find out the specials you offer throughout the year. They might not need you right now, but they definitely will in the future.

Step 3. Create an email automation system.

Having a system set up for you already will take away the headache of needing to send out every single email individually. Plus, if you pre-schedule the emails you will not need to worry about remembering to send them.

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