Customers Don’t Remember

Customers Don’t Remember


Here’s how to keep them calling.

Customers just don’t remember. Actually, people – in general – don’t remember things that aren’t VERY important to them. Well despite your warnings, furnace, filter, and a/c unit maintenance just isn’t important enough to remember.

But that’s ok! It’s business, after all, so we need systems that help people remember and don’t take too much work from ourselves or staff.

  • Do you have email reminders for service and maintenance?
  • Do you have snail mail reminders for service and maintenance?
  • If so, are your system automated? If not, how long does it take you to send or mail reminders?
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Step 1: Make and keep lists!

Lists are crucial for recurring business. Sure, traditional mailers work and you have a spreadsheet, but keep email addresses too! The traditionally ‘old school’ HVAC industry is becoming more digital every day and so are the homeowners in your service areas.

Try keeping track of emails, addresses, birthdays – anything you can, without wasting too much time. Keep this info in your CRM (customer relationship manager), HVAC manager application, or your mass mailer program and make sure it’s easy to update.

2. Schedule reminders

Tools like mailchimp, constant contact, emma, and others provide a feature called ‘automation’. These automations perform actions on their own via a basic set of rules. I.e., 6 months after last contact, send ‘this email’. Follow ups are incredibly useful and automations make them easy too.

3. How else to use automations

The more you stay in touch with your customers, the more they’ll remember to use you or schedule maintenance. Birthday emails, holiday emails, weather advisories – anything useful helps put your brand at the forefront of their mind when it comes to HVAC. It’s great to keep them as customers, but they’ll also tell their friends about how clever and helpful you are – double win!

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